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CN-1635494-A: Method for implementing class memory database access and retrieval patent, CN-1635951-A: 打印纸及其制造方法 patent, CN-1637922-A: Disc cartridge patent, CN-1638027-A: Method for cleaning deposition chambers for high dielectric constant materials patent, CN-1639561-A: Measurement instrument patent, CN-1639667-A: Controlling an application provided on a portable object patent, CN-1640794-A: 万向传输平台装置 patent, CN-1641769-A: 光盘制造方法 patent, CN-1642204-A: 一种传送原始被叫号码的呼叫方法 patent, CN-1642486-A: Abdominal retractor patent, CN-1642785-A: 碰撞感应装置 patent, CN-1643522-A: 具有特定位置信息数据库的信息服务器和用于远程访问和查询的电话 patent, CN-1643651-A: In-situ integrated dielectric etch process particularly useful for multi-chamber substrate treatment system patent, CN-1646293-A: 歧管和喷嘴之间的热密封 patent, CN-1646477-A: Process for the preparation of enantiomerically enriched compounds patent, CN-1647048-A: Memory-access management method and system for synchronous dynamic random-access memory or the like patent, CN-1647723-A: 具有可倾斜靠背的椅子 patent, CN-1648772-A: 用于等离子体显示板的光敏导电组合物 patent, CN-1649418-A: Image sensing apparatus patent, CN-1649988-A: Method for extracting lipid mixture containing phospholipids comprising polyunsaturated fatty acids from viscera of fish patent, CN-1650179-A: Electronic device test system patent, CN-1650758-A: Environmental protection type simple dry fruit nutcracker patent, CN-1650985-A: 治疗肾小球肾炎的中药制剂 patent, CN-1651478-A: Preparation of high boiling point alcohol lignin polyurethane patent, CN-1651655-A: New electric energy vibration street roller patent, CN-1652061-A: 主机板及其电源控制装置 patent, CN-1652510-A: 一种操作和维护电信设备的方法及终端 patent, CN-1652568-A: 可侦测影像讯号不良编辑的侦测装置 patent, CN-1654834-A: 具有空气助动回复装置的直接动作式气动阀 patent, CN-1655193-A: Method and image processing system for segmentation of section image data patent, CN-1655202-A: Rs485+i多路模拟信号总线发送器 patent, CN-1655718-A: 褥疮要因测定装置 patent, CN-1657840-A: Two-used apparatus of hot water and warm air patent, CN-1658804-A: Low intensity light therapy for the manipulation of fibroblast-derived mammalian cells and collagen patent, CN-1658975-A: Spray nozzle for spraying products patent, CN-1659287-A: Methods of diagnosing potential for metastasis or developing hepatocellular carcinoma and of identifying therapeutic targets patent, CN-1659587-A: Data carrier comprising means for influencing the slope course of the signal edges in an amplitude-modulated signal patent, CN-1660457-A: Body building appts. patent, CN-1661440-A: 显示装置 patent, CN-1661974-A: 一种宽带接入的组网设备及方法 patent, CN-1662077-A: 短消息转移方法 patent, CN-1662117-A: 布线电路基板 patent, CN-1663078-A: Completely integrated Ethernet connector patent, CN-1663676-A: Method for preparing dry filter core for refrigerating system patent, CN-1664029-A: Radiation curable aqueous binders for ink jet inks patent, CN-1664448-A: Compounding combustion device patent, CN-1665792-A: Aryl- and heteroarylcarbonylpiperazines and their use for the treatment of benign and malignant oncoses patent, CN-1666467-A: 局域网中用户或终端特定信息的分发 patent, CN-1667496-A: 投影机 patent, CN-1667581-A: 主机板功能测试板 patent, CN-1668756-A: Cmp-n-乙酰神经氨酸的制造方法 patent, CN-1669054-A: 视频图像数据压缩和解压缩的方法 patent, CN-1669314-A: 对hd-dvd的基本和增强层的交织 patent, CN-1670008-A: 一种丹参素的制备方法 patent, CN-1670751-A: Ready to establish type mobile phone number short message and mail system patent, CN-1670960-A: 存储器件及其制造方法 patent, CN-1671086-A: A system and method for implementing snooping analysis patent, CN-1671188-A: 固态成像装置及其驱动方法 patent, CN-1671966-A: 卧式旋转压缩机 patent, CN-1671980-A: 三自由度旋转系统及其应用 patent, CN-1672188-A: 用于驱动lcd显示器的方法和电路 patent, CN-1672519-A: Pesticide microemulsion patent, CN-1673436-A: Press positioning and feeding device for bead work patent, CN-1673573-A: Simple lever assembly patent, CN-1674266-A: 半导体芯片的放热结构 patent, CN-1675041-A: 用于制造封装半导体器件的方法和设备,通过该方法获得的封装半导体器件和适用于该方法的金属载体 patent, CN-1675229-A: 含硫的磷脂衍生物 patent, CN-1677246-A: 光刻设备和设备制造方法 patent, CN-1677377-A: 数据传送电路 patent, CN-1677670-A: 集成电路器件及其制造方法以及形成钒氧化物膜的方法 patent, CN-1679351-A: Automatic channel selection in a radio access network patent, CN-1681893-A: 含有机硅化合物及其共混物的疏水硅石 patent, CN-1682416-A: 连接器 patent, CN-1683708-A: 含x光显影物的水刺无纺布及其生产方法 patent, CN-1683750-A: 涡轮叶片榫接件的修复 patent, CN-1683926-A: Equivalent changing method for relative thermotechnical test parameter in environment temperature changing process patent, CN-1683977-A: 显示装置 patent, CN-1685171-A: Device and method for controlling automatic transmission patent, CN-1685315-A: 支持处理器上的多并发执行上下文的体系结构 patent, CN-1685970-A: 抗疲劳提高缺氧耐受力的保健食品 patent, CN-1686126-A: Milianone freeze dried preparation patent, CN-1687205-A: PLA environmental protection complete degradable plastic patent, CN-1687463-A: 一种改性氨基树脂皮革鞣剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-1687641-A: 贫煤微油冷态点火和超低负荷稳燃燃烧器 patent, CN-1689484-A: 一种蚊帐架 patent, CN-1689772-A: 剃须刀旋转刀头 patent, CN-1689965-A: 用氯化铵与硫酸生产硫酸铵及盐酸工艺 patent, CN-1690037-A: Method of purifying plavastatin patent, CN-1690069-A: Efficient parts of hydrangea paniculata, their preparing method and compositions and use thereof patent, CN-1690417-A: Pressure equalizer of compressor of air conditioner patent, CN-1691032-A: 点数管理方法、点数管理装置、终端以及点数管理程序 patent, CN-1691040-A: 用计算机演示三维立体空间框架棋类的方法 patent, CN-1691345-A: 固态图像传感器 patent, CN-1691347-A: 固态成像器件及其驱动方法 patent, CN-1691425-A: 凹式连接器 patent, CN-1691938-A: 具有涂层微凸体的经皮疫苗递送装置 patent, CN-1691939-A: Compositions for diabetes patent, CN-1692247-A: 具有荧光光源的易使用的照明装置 patent, CN-1692391-A: 用于标记产品的装置和方法 patent, CN-1692631-A: 图像拾取设备和图像拾取方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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